Venice and islands


The Union Lido resort is very near to the magic Venice, with its canals, palaces, legends and artists: the tourists will have a marvellous trip, above all if they choose to reach the Serenissima by sea and to sit directly in its most famous and beautiful lounge, S. Marco’s Square.

Going on, you will arrive to S. Marco’s dock, where since millenniums Venice has given its special welcome to the tourists with the same constant hug. This will be a great experience: it’s impossible not to be charmed by the extraordinary beauty that only Venice has.

It is very easy to reach Venice from the Union Lido: 15 minutes by bus and half an hour by motor ship.

The other islands

Along the way you can admire S. Erasmo’s isle, the Northern LidoS. Andrea’s fortress and you can keep an eye on the MoSE‘s work progress (movable seawalls to protect Venice from the frequent high tide).

It is nice to visit the isles of the Venetian lagoon too:
Murano, glassworkers’ homeland. Visiting the glassworks shops you will discover how glass is worked;
– The picturesque Burano, popular for its pillow laces and for the “bussolai”;
Torcello, called Venice’s mother, with its ancient cathedral; it is one of the most ancient lagoon settlements, full of history and tales.